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How to Report and Address Identity Theft

If a Texas real estate appraiser is the victim of identity theft, that person should be aware of the following:

    • Board Rule 153.17(e) (22 TEX. ADMIN. CODE § 153.17(e)) addresses identity theft as it relates to real estate appraisal activities in Texas. You may wish to review that rule in detail. It prescribes important steps a licensee should take if they believe they are the victim of identity theft.
      • In summary, Board Rule 153.17(e) provides for the following:
        • Appraisers must implement and maintain reasonable procedures to protect themselves from identity theft.
        • An appraiser who believes they are the victim of identity theft must notify the Board within 90 days of discovering this fact.
          • An appraiser can notify the Board by filing a signed written complaint form Complaint Form with the Boardís Enforcement Division.
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        • An appraiser who believes they are the victim of identity theft may file with the Board the form,
          Request for Issuance of New License Due to Identity Theft.
          • The form must be fully completed by the appraiser who is the victim of the identity theft and must be signed and notarized by a notary public.
          • Submit the completed form along with documentary evidence to the Boardís Enforcement Division.
          • The request and documentation will be evaluated and the Board will make a determination on whether to issue a new license.
  • Identity Theft is a crime and in addition to being a violation of Board Rules, may warrant referral to the appropriate law enforcement agency for criminal prosecution.
  • A victim of identity theft may also want to consult the Federal Trade Commissionís identity theft information located on their website:

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